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Sri Vishnu Pala was born and brought up in a traditional Hindu family, and believes and practises both Vedic and Ayurvedic systems in daily life. Since childhood he has undergone training, through family members as well as several masters, to integrate the ancient Indian Vedic tradition in his life and realised at an early age the need for this ancient knowledge in modern society.  Moreover from childhood onwards he had a good feeling for natural healing and an understanding of nature, body, mind and soul. 


He grew up in a multilingual, multicultural background, giving him a solid base to understand several religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism and Judaism; and to write and speak several languages: Sanskrit, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, English, German; he is also learning other languages, because he believes language is the medium for understanding other cultures and religions, enabling him to integrate and offer spiritual services and actively work with people from different linguistic and religious backgrounds. 

Apart from a university education in India in the field of natural sciences and engineering, and Western university education as Master of Science and also percieved specialist education(in Germany) in field of Health support and Prevention of major dieseases, his passion for philosophy, Art, the Vedas, the Upanishads, yoga, Ayurveda, natural life and his up to date knowledge from Ayurveda medical university professors and research scholars all over the world, made him understand the requirement and motivated his decision to serve people continuously through his knowledge; to develop Nature Life Style and spiritual programmes, nutritional methods and therapies, to spread the concepts of natural life, food as medicine in daily life to prevent disease and to lead a healthy, happy and prosperous life.  Through his deep knowledge of ancient and modern science like physics, mathematics and Vedic astrology he can help people to understand the positive impact of cosmic energy principles in their lives, ultimately helping them to give importance to and follow natural methods in daily life, in order to spread the message of peace and health through nature philosophy. 

Presently living and working in for the past 20 years in Europe in the field of Leadership,spirituality, natural health and preventive medicine.


His active and dedicated service in spirituality, Ayurveda and prevention helps people to attain good health and satisfaction in their lives, irrespective of their profession, religion or economic status.
His individual and specific lifestyle programmes help to reduce stress and increase clarity in setting personal and professional goals, in order to live a natural  and peaceful life under modern Western conditions.

His unique interactive teaching methodology aids professionals to learn and further practise easily in their professional lives, including the scientific background, examples, motivation factors and Nature philosophy to practise on a moral and ethical base in the profession.

He is involved in developing Ayurvedic therapies and propagating the traditional Vedic lifestyle, working on self-initiated research projects in the fields of Ayurveda and Vedic science. He is actively involved in giving spiritual guidelines based on the Vedic system and individual preventive health care methods in his own practice; also visiting and consulting on demand in other cities.

He has conducted seminars and lectures in the field of Ayurvedic nutrition and Vedic lifestyle, the prevention of disease through natural methods, and nature-life balance, nature philosophy for health care professionals, companies, families, groups and individuals. 

Sri Vishnu Pala is well versed in modern medical language which helps him to actively participate in the developmental activities of Ayurveda in western countries, and also to develop individual methods or therapies for the purpose of teaching and consulting.

His sincere service in the organic sector encourages people to eat organic food, use natural methods in the preparation of daily food, and to develop new products in the organic food industry. His continuous interaction with the organic industry, organic food associations, and certification authorities enables him to develop new concepts for organic lovers.

He developed six modules to promote nature philosophy in detail for various groups, e.g. family, organization, professionals, in order to exercise different roles in daily life.

He developed a nutritional method and Lifestyle program known as Biovedisch to help and consult in the West, which is based on ancient Indian as well as European traditional systems. He also developed a method of analysing the individual body constitution for a traditional Ayurvedic lifestyle programme, together with several hundred Ayurvedic cooking recipes, to help people practise the Ayurvedic system in daily life in an effective and economical way.

Past Projects and Events:

Food as medicine, with his unique interactive teaching system for Ayurvedic cooking, helps people to learn and practise “food as medicine” in daily life.

Natural food as a preventive method helps people to recognise the importance of food as a daily medicine in order to avoid many chronic and acute diseases. To adopt the concept of food as medicine easily, Sri Vishnu Pala developed General Ayurvedic Food Guidelines (GAFG) for all Ayurveda lovers and families to avoid the complexity involved in understanding the Ayurvedic system.

Projects, like Nature-Life-Balance, help people to realise the importance of a conscious life, natural healing, natural food, environmental consciousness, animal protection and the meaning of life.

Sri Vishnu Pala developed therapies, for example Vishnu-Kriya, Bramha-Kriya and Nataraja-Kriya, to increase longevity and vitality through natural methods, giving good results in the lives of those who have taken an individual consultation and recognise the efficacy of natural healing methods.

Lifestyle Programmes: Natural healing methods include Yoga, Pranayama and Marma therapy, which are an intrinsic part of Ayurveda. Sri Vishnu Pala gives individual solutions to protect health and gain insight into ancient Indian natural lifestyle daily programmes (Dinacharya).

Natural healing for all aims to introduce and integrate natural healing into life, irrespective of the religious, economic and social backgrounds.

As part of his nature philosophy, to spread Nature Life and its benefits to all, he has offered service on a non profit basis to several hundred people so far, helping to educate them to live a healthy life through natural methods, and this service motivates him to live and continue to serve the people.

Vision and Philosophy

“Health and Peace locally leads to Peace and Health globally”

In order to get clear insight into the principles of health and peace, human beings should adopt a suitable way of learning and practising the natural laws. Providing all the tools needed to achieve health and peace for every living being is the first step to attaining healthy and peaceful life all over the world.

Sri Vishnu Pala believes that it is possible to realise health and peace in modern society only through dedicated service. His vision is to serve human beings to achieve health and peace irrespective of economic, social and religious background through ancient natural methods and Global Nature Philosophy.

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