Nature-Life-Balance (Human Consciousness in The New Era)
The Ultimate Goal of Philosophy, Science &Technology and Leadership

Prevention is better than Cure


Sri Vishnu Pala would like to transmit his vedic knowledge to individuals  in order to have direct contact with people interested in living a healthy life using natural methods. If you are interested in following a natural lifestyle and supporting Sri Vishnu Pala's nature philosophy of health and peace we look forward to hearing from you soon.

free Courses
  1.  Ayurveda Philosophy 
  2.  Ayurveda nutritional advice
  3.  Mantra chanting and Sanskrit lessons
  4.  Vedic system practice in daily life (Health&Peace)
  5.  Vedic organisation philosophy and ethics
  6.  Stress relief programmes (using natural methods)
  7.  Nature-Life-Balance philosophy coaching
  8.  Love and Partnership in modern days
  9.  Body-Mind-Soul Practice
  10.  Peace chanting events