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Child Health Care

Children,  preventive health care principles and the role of parents or adults
Written by Sri Vishnu Pala and published on 20.12.2010

The privilege of educating a child is a great gift from nature and fullfilling this great responsibility is a divine gift for all the parents, teachers, guardians and those who are involved in child education as well as the development of child education. One of the important factors to be considered in the process of education is the child's health, therefore please take advice whenever you need in order to raise your children healthy, peaceful and strong enough to face future challenges in society as well as in personal life.

It is very important to consider that the child needs more preventive strategies than cure in daily life. Children are very capable of  learning prevention strategies during their Kapha-Constitution phase of life (0-10 years), due to their built-in nature to respond and implement natural laws and recognise the need for self healing capacity. All these capabilities can only be seen in the child when the parents are willing to support their child's health by educating the child in suitable prevention strategy step by step. This kind of learning leads to improved self confidence in learning and implementing prevention strategies and recognising that need in their own lives as well as in those of other children.

Using a lot of medicine in the initial stage of life (childhood) leads to damage of the self healing capacity according to the nature cure theories from many experts in the field. I also strongly agree with those theories because I have seen many children who lost their natural self healing capacities due to becoming addicted to drugs given to them by their parents as a quick method of cure, as well as other methods which do not fit into prevention strategy according to the age group of the children.

The right natural method at the right time in the life of a child is a basic need, irrespective of the country, culture and kind of Government where the child is growing up. The essence of preserving purity in immune system development and guiding the child to follow the fundamentals of health and peace in order to get the right insight into true self to achieve all the dreams leading to self growth and society development is an important factor. Any obstacle in the aforementioned process leads to health and peace problems in the self as well as in the society. A healthy child means the future and a healthy child growing through natural methods means a healthy and peaceful child in the future, who is going to preserve peace in all the developments in the human society.

"Today's Child is Tomorrow's Nature Protection Leader"  

This article I wrote to inform all the adults in the present society about the importance of children for the growth of society and a peaceful future for all living beings on the earth. We know that children's education is not only the responsibility of parents and government but also the responsibility of all peace seekers on this earth. Therefore we must accompany the child's natural talent to learn preventive health care principles and peace strategies in order to create and experience heaven on earth.

Thanks, best wishes and blessings,

Sri Vishnu Pala

(founder of Sri Vishnu Samajam)