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Peace Economics

Peace Economics and Global Development

Written and posted by Sri Vishnu Pala on 01.01. 2011

The feeling of homeliness gives the strength and motivation to feel secure under the social, economic, political and environmental conditions of the country. Global economic conditions and global relations are basic building blocks to spread the health and peace message as well as implement the health and peace concept practically in every household by using minimum resources in order to preserve the human life locally. This leads to global economic development in turn leading to health and peace globally.

The principles followed within the country to stabilise the health and peace conditions impact the active global participation of the country. The level of participation and the motivation leads to global development. This global development in turn helps the country to actively participate in stable and permanent global development. This national contribution to the global development and, because of this contribution, getting something back into the national economy is cyclic. This cyclic process depends on several factors within the country such as health and peace principles followed by individuals, society, government  and especially those participating actively in the health and peace development  process. This cycle is called a Natural cycle (NC). The natural cycle is the Give and Take principle and this principle is true not only at the global level but also at local level or between two individuals.

The Natural Cycle (NC) at the global level depends on key factors such as the economic, political, social and natural conditions but these factors are under the control of human beings in every country, so the priority is to achieve stability in health and peace conditions of the people who are responsible for handling the dependent factors of the Natural Cycle (NC). The Natural Cycle (NC) at the global level is represented as NCG, at the national level as NCN and at the community level as NCC. The Natural Cycle (NC) principle helps me to further develop the concept of Peace Economics as well as spreading my message of health and peace to the world.

In my view, the global development should increase the homeliness feeling of the citizens within the country and this “feeling of homeliness” enables the “feeling of homeliness” at the global level.  

This article is written by me for the purpose of understanding the importance of developing the principles of health and peace globally as well as locally. My research in the field of health and peace enables people to understand the importance of following health and peace principles in order to lead a peaceful and healthy life. I wish all the readers of this article develop interest towards developing and following their own principles which are practically possible to implement in daily life, at the same time helping in the Global Health and Peace Process.

I hope this topic leads to further research and development activities in the field of Economics, Global development and Health & Peace Process. My knowledge is dedicated to the true nature of the human being.

Thanks, best wishes and blessings,

Sri Vishnu Pala

(Founder of Sri Vishnu Samajam)