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Reincarnation and Time

Reincarnation: the human being, disease and the influence of time, written by Sri Vishnu Pala and published in this website on 24.12.2010

How disease can be manipulated, overloaded or transformed starts with time, and within this time it has to undergo several other conditions also. Time is always monitoring the holistic person in order to bring further progress, to go through all the stages in the holistic life of a human being. Through this monitoring process initiated by time (time acting on time), a holistic being is capable of using cosmic energy to go through all the stages in life by using intellectual and emotional capabilities along with material existing in nature. Time allows human beings to use all the resources to go through all the stages of life in order to fulfill predefined Kriyas (actions or tasks) to be performed by the soul, and also time is providing or transferring the intelligence required to go through every stage in life in order to fulfill these Kriyas, these predefined soul activities. Time is not just monitoring but creating all the abilities also, intellectual and emotional abilities, to go through all the life phases to fulfill the requirements in the reincarnation process of human beings, because time is the only parameter connected with the past life, we cannot live without the influence of time. Because of this influence the physical body undergoes changes, through these changes time achieves the required physical and mental conditions to fulfill the objectives in the present life. These objectives are defined not only in this life, but also from past lives, to satisfy the conditions of a holistic being.

Within the lifetime of a human being, many tasks are performed. If we see all the tasks performed, all these are within the scope of tasks to be performed by the soul. The capabilities of the human being are never beyond the scope of possibility. The scope of possibility is basically defined by the soul, but the capabilities of the human being to perform tasks are initiated through the mind and the body. We need to synchronize the tasks defined within the scope of possibility by the soul and the tasks we perform, through our mental and physical conditions, defined by our desires. This synchronization process is under the influence of time, and through perfect synchronization, the human being can pass through all the defined stages in life by performing all the tasks to be performed in the present life.

At the same time this perfect synchronization is the door to the next life, because the next life is connected with and also dependent on the parameter of time. By means of changing the physical form to perform the tasks in the next life, the influence of time allows an update of the scope of possibility for the next life, taking into account the previous life.

I hope this topic leads to further research and development activities in the field of reincarnation. My knowledge is dedicated to the true nature of the human being

Thanks, best wishes and blessings,

Sri Vishnu Pala

(founder of Sri Vishnu Samajam)