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Dear Readers and Fans!

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to express my views on several topics which are all directly or indirectly connected to my vision and philosophy to establish a healthy and peaceful world by means of active participation.

All the articles you read from me (click sub links under "Articles") are my thoughts to create and experience heaven on the earth in this life and to encourage people to participate actively in building a healthy and peaceful future for all living beings. I would like to know your opinion too - if you would like to express your view  then please call me right away and I would be very happy to have a mutual exchange of views.

Thank you very much for reading my articles and supporting me in my vision and philosophy, please leave me a message or feedback in order to get power and knowledge from the universe to express my thoughts and realise my vision and philosophy.

With thanks, best wishes and blessings!

Sri Vishnu Pala