Nature-Life-Balance (Human Consciousness in The New Era)
The Ultimate Goal of Philosophy, Science &Technology and Leadership

Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey may help you to find happiness in your life in this new Era !

Improve your spiritual knowledge by finding Answers to the following Questions:
  • Nature and its potential to create human beings
  • Vedanta and its importance in the lives of human beings
  • Religions and the human being, respect for other or all religions
  • What are the steps to be taken in the development of self consciousness?
  • How can I attain peace?
  • How to realise God?
  • What is the meaning of life according to the Vedas and old Indian scriptures?
  • Karma Principles
  • Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha Principles
  • Life and its different stages according to the Puranas
  • Kartha, Karma and Kriya
  • What is the meaning of life? Who am I? What is my task in this life? How can I realise that?
  • Life according to the Gita
  • Principle of give and take (Dhata and Graheeta)
  • Living in modern society and believing in God, does it make a difference? If yes, then what kind of difference?
  • Reincarnation: what does it mean?
  • Love, peace and happiness: what are these?
  • Nature and its beauty from the viewpoint of God.
  • Peace, nature, human being and interdependency
  • What ist health and wealth?
  • Power of material and wisdom of material in the material world, do you know ?
  • Peace Economics and human values
  • What is the influence of human wisdom on the future genaration?
  • Bhagavat Gita importance,interpretation and application in daily Life, how and when?
  • Enlightenment ? what does it mean?
  • state of mind with respect to time and secrets of finding divine self
We are living in the modern era and we need to understand our life, God and nature according to the present day situation while preserving the best from the old concepts given by great saints in the form of scriptures such as the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads. People in modern society need to answer many questions in daily life in order to fulfill their responsibilities each and every minute. In fulfilling the responsibilities of  family, society and country one must not forget the ethical base. The implementation of moral and ethical principles is very important to fulfill any kind of responsibility, passion or duty. In order to understand how, one should take help from the spiritual teacher.
Sri Vishnu Pala
  Modern Science and Vedic Science in modern society
  • What is the importance of health in the modern society? How does Vedic science help in achieving this without ignoring modern science?
  • What is Vedic science? How does it help in realising a peaceful life in the modern society?