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Sri Vishnu Ayurveda

Sri Vishnu Ayurveda is very suitable for all the people living outside India (Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world) as well as in India.
Sri Vishnu Ayurveda is gaining good response from Ayurveda lovers and all those who wish to live a healthy, spiritual and peaceful life.

Sri Vishnu Ayurveda

  • Prakruthi & Vikruthi (Constitution)
  • Shareera & Manasika Pareeksha (holistic body- mind-soul analysis to follow natural methods)
  • Ahaara & Dinacharya (Nutrition and daily lifestyle)
  • Sri Vishnu Yogakriya (Yoga as medicine for the prevention of disease)
  • Kutumbha Dinacharya (Ayurveda lifestyle for the family) 

Sri Vishnu Ayurveda Teachings for all (basic & advanced)
  • Concept of  body, mind and soul understanding
  • Sri Vishnu Ayurveda nutrition programme                      (for children & adults)
  • Ayurveda Cooking Methods                                             for prevention, health and vitality
  • Principles of daily food as medicine (individual recipes)
  • Principles of mantra and chakra for disease prevention (for children & adults)
  • Biovedisch nutrition courses and consultation (courses are only for Biovedisch official licence agreement holders from Sri Vishnu Pala to work as nutrition specialists all over the world)

Sri Vishnu Ayurveda Therapies  
For all who want to lead a healthy life (without medicine) these daily kriyas are very helpful for children as well as adults as a preventive medicine. Sri Vishnu Pala developed these kriyas in order to spread the message "Prevention is better than Cure in order to achieve Health and Peace". Please enquire about these therapy methods and consulting dates because these are groups
  • Vishnu-Kriya
  • Bramha-Kriya and
  • Nataraja-Kriya