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Nature - Life - Balance-----------------------------N-L-B---------------------The Ultimate Goal of Philosophy,Science,Technology & Management

Agile & Health Leadership

Nature-Life-Balance Courses are based on Sri Vishnu Pala's Nature-Life Philosophy
 Nature-Life Consultant & Nature-Life-Balance Coach/Trainer


Learn and consult Nature-Life-Balance Philosophy to participate actively in the growth of your society, family and  organisation. Teach people around you how Nature-Life-Balance works, make people around you conscious about finding true self ! Let us propagate Health & Peace consciousness at all levels!  A common solution for all(Individuals,Ogranisations,Families & Govts).  Are you ready? Then please inform yourself how you can become a Nature Life Consultant

Agile leaders in different Organisations around the world should realise the fact that the agility is the result of self development under balanced conditions. Please feel free to get advice to become Agile Leader or Agile Coach in building future infrastructure for all living beings.  

Sri Vishnu Pala